Welcome to Your Fired… ceramics you paint!

Our studio is a multi-purpose creative haven for children and adults of all ages, artists of all capacities, and those looking for a new hobby, stress-relief, or just a way to get the kids out of the house. There is something for everyone here – a great activity for a birthday, shower, engagement, celebration of birth, school activities, religious milestone, corporate function or whatever your group has to celebrate! The studio also caters to the everyday artists of every level. Drop in to make yourself something fun and useful in an afternoon, or set a goal to working incrementally on a large piece.

      Painting ceramics can be fun and beneficial for everyone. As a creative outlet for kids, stress-relief from our growing to-do lists, a great individual or group activity for those with different or special needs, even infants and toddlers create or contribute to masterpieces!


Phone: 905-737-8944